Follow the Sun – Nambucca to Morisset

Day 62, 13/9/2019 Friday, Nambucca Heads to Morisset, just 20

It’s time to say goodbye to this captivating area. We spot an osprey nest atop a pole, in a paddock. Smoke still hangs in the air. The Pacific Highway thankfully, is quiet.

We quickly get back into the rhythm of the road. Woody stabbing the Scan button on the radio to find John Laws then groaning when the only station is full of static. Yay.

And so, it’s Pacific Highway, bone jarring, NSW concrete highway all the way with no towns to break the monotony. We keep ourselves sane by calling the town turnoffs, “Well we’ve just done Kempsey” we chorus “There goes Port Macquarie”. We can be thankful that this is a much safer road than it used to be.

Considering that Newcastle is the largest city between Sydney and Brisbane, we’re shocked that the Newcastle interchange hasn’t been reconfigured in recent times. It must be a bottleneck at peak hour.

With relief we exit the traffic and turn off into the Morisset Showgrounds. Only to find neighbors from the White Albatross caravan park at Nambucca. We chat in the afternoon sun. A limping magpie drinks from the water tap and the park grounds are grassy and green.

Summary 377kms (a big one for us), power, water, toilets, showers, TV!

Window view of Morisset Showgrounds

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