Bellingen Showgrounds

Winter 2017, Bellingen, NSW

They’re an artistic lot up on the New South Wales north coast and it certainly shows when you see what they’ve done to the showgrounds toilets. By the way, the showgrounds are excellent for peaceful overnight stop too.

Bellingen Showgrounds loos are a stunning work of art
I must apologise for the quality of the pic of the Men’s, but an old duck really shouldn’t be seen loitering around the mens toilets with a camera.
Don’t you love the way they’ve added the skirt to the female symbol?

3 thoughts on “Bellingen Showgrounds

  1. These beat those we had to use once in the foothills of Snowdon. This was a damp house owned by a family member. No running water, certainly no loo. We had to carry a bucket along a footpath, pass two tethered vicious dogs, dig our own hole, and fill it in afterwards. I only went once


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