Banned on the Run, Day 27 – Alstonville

Day 27 Tuesday 7/7/20 Lawrence to Alstonville, some cloud 18

A foggy morning in Lawrence, NSW
Sportsmans Creek, Lawrence, NSW

We wake to a nippy morning and fog across the paddocks.

We take a wrong turn and find that little Lawrence is much bigger than we first thought and up on the ridge there is a much newer section of town. We pass the Everlasting Swamp National Park, the ferry to Maclean and follow the Pringle’s Way and Summerland Way of farmlands and forests.

There are fire damaged forests around Rappville which suffered so badly last year. We stop for a stretch and some grocery shopping at Casino because it has an Aldi. Of course.

There are three options to take to Alstonville and El Prado suggests that we bypass Lismore and take the Coraki Road which winds through hills, farmland and attractive homes. There are red volcanic soil orchards of mangoes, avocados, macadamias, limes and plantations of ti tree for oil. It is a perfect drive for a Sunday but not a Tuesday with a van on the back. El Prado is in the bad books. Anyway, Elle and I aren’t driving and we’re really enjoying the diverse scenery.

Eventually we wind our way through the hills and into Alstonville. A neat little town of weatherboard cottages, decorative fretwork, verandas and staircases and boutique shops.

We camp on the Showgrounds oval and camp hosts Bob and Narelle are running a tight ship here. We have our temperature checked and are sanitized before we sign in. There are quite a few vans here but it is not as busy as we’d been led to believe.

Alstonville Showgrounds, one of our favourites and well managed by Bob and Narelle

The Victoria NSW border will close at midnight tonight. The Melbourne metropolitan area will be locked down for six weeks from tomorrow night. We get word from Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple that they left home at 4:00pm and drove straight through to Albury. I guess you could say that they just squeaked in or is it out.

Accom: $25.00

Travelling Kms: 95Kms

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