If we went to school together can you put your hand up?

In the Fort O’Hare camp ground at Dartmoor, Vic I wander down to the Glenelg River to take a few photos and sit on the wooden landing. Another camper sits beside me and we start chatting about this and that. It turns out that we went to high school together. Small world yet again. Advertisements Continue reading If we went to school together can you put your hand up?

Where else could you live?

We spend a chatty happy hour with a chap who along with his wife has been on the road for a year. They are now looking for somewhere permanent to settle down as they no longer wish to return to their home in the Sydney suburb of French’s Forest. He calls it French’s Apartments. His conversation gets us thinking, if you had to choose another place to live where would it be? Then we met another chap in Streaky Bay who said that they came to Streaky Bay and never left. “It’s the community.” He said. We found that there … Continue reading Where else could you live?

The Shape I’m In

Enjoying a warm summer’s evening beside the river we get chatting to a couple who live nearby but are spending a few days in their van to see if it is in fit shape for a long trip to The West. Sadly, they seem to think that their trusty old van is in better shape than their marriage and after listening to their jibes and bickering we’d agree that the trip is doomed to failure. If anyone in Western Australia wants a cheap van just keep a sharp eye out on Ebay. Continue reading The Shape I’m In


June 2015 Katherine in the Northern Territory is the birthplace of champion cyclist Cadel Evans. This is a very tropical town and Shady Lane Caravan Park is all palms and mango trees. I ask the chap at the Katherine Info Centre what the main attractions are in town, apart from the Katherine Gorge of course, and with a big grin he replies “me”. I’ll have to stop asking that question. Continue reading Katherine

Pineapple Pete

Port Douglas, Winter 2014 We have new neighbours in a large camper ute that is wider than the site that they are on. While we chat ‘Pete’ starts hacking at the shrubbery, our pretty little dividing garden, and small palms are dug up and despatched to the rubbish bin so that more guy ropes can be pegged in. Hmmm.  After they leave for ‘the Cape’ the management remove a rather large palm tree that Pete has felled in his efforts to create the perfect camp site. At least shrubbery grows quickly in this climate. Continue reading Pineapple Pete

The Reverend David Campbell

Winter 2014 After crossing the Hunter River by ferry from the perfectly situated Stockton Beach Holiday Park our day on foot in Newcastle is to be spent chasing our travelling needs. Newcastle is a hilly city and it throws up some interesting sights. Fuelled with fresh coffee we need a supermarket and the nearest is in Newcastle West, thanks to Google Maps we’re off along King Street and we spot an interesting looking hilly garden. Up the stairs we go. It is the old churchyard of the Christ Church Cathedral and each step bears the inscription from a long gone … Continue reading The Reverend David Campbell

Just to Save a Buck

August 2014 We’re in western Qld and neighbours at the back of the roadhouse are Melburnians desperate for a good coffee but too tight to pay $20 for a powered overnight site. So they lug their coffee machine over to the picnic table and plug into a free power point there. Such a hassle when the poor old roadhouse owners are struggling to make a buck out here anyway. Woody calls these types ‘Tight Arse Tuesdays’. Continue reading Just to Save a Buck