Motor Mouth

Winter 2018, Midge Point, Qld

At happy hour around the fire pit we are once more relegated to the newbies position facing the breeze and inhaling the smoke. The blokes are quite talkative tonight as they haven’t been out fishing, it’s been too windy. The talk is competitive but tonight it is fuel prices and those buggers at the Nullarbor Roadhouse, “have they got a cheek to charge those prices!” Talk then drifts onto fuel economy and a verbal battle over who has the best, all Woody can do is smile as no one would believe that a Jeep could have better fuel economy than a Mazda, after all the only people who like Jeeps are Jeep owners. Then our neighbour ‘Mazda’ tells us how much barramundi that he can catch at an undisclosed location in the Northern Territory (Gee that was informative). And how much he can freeze in the Engel and how he and the missus could eat Barra once a week for 5 months. Free fish, or perhaps not if you count the cost of the Mazda, the boat and the Kimberley Kamper because he can’t get the caravan into the ‘secret’ fishing spot. At the mention of the Northern Territory a newbie lass joins in the conversation and says that she was bitten by a deadly snake in Darwin and survived because it was a ‘dry bite’ (moulting season apparently), Mazda quickly chimes in with I’ve been bitten by a King Brown, at which point Woody declares “I’ve had enough smoke let’s cook dinner.

As I write this in my journal Mazda’s missus wanders over and tells me that she no longer writes a journal of their travels as they’ve been everywhere. I contain a smile, after all how can I tell her that I’m writing about her silly bloody husband?

‘The Creek’ Midge Point, Qld

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