Where else could you live?

We spend a chatty happy hour with a chap who along with his wife has been on the road for a year. They are now looking for somewhere permanent to settle down as they no longer wish to return to their home in the Sydney suburb of French’s Forest. He calls it French’s Apartments. His conversation gets us thinking, if you had to choose another place to live where would it be?

Then we met another chap in Streaky Bay who said that they came to Streaky Bay and never left. “It’s the community.” He said. We found that there was no vet, the nearest probably Ceduna 100kms away and no auto electrician, the nearest probably at Port Lincoln a distance of nearly 300kms. Perhaps Streaky Bay is not for us, but then what price can you put on a caring community?

Streaky Bay, SA The fishing is good and the community is priceless

25 thoughts on “Where else could you live?

  1. It can be hard to find the right combination. When we went on the road, 20 years ago, we thought that in our wanderings, we would find somewhere else we really wanted to live, sell our home and eventually relocate. Didn’t happen – found some lovely places, but they were in cyclone zone, or too expensive, too remote for permanent living…..and so on. Eventually returned to our home base. But now, for various reasons, we are about to move – to the Bendigo area. It’s a compromise………


    1. Agree that Tas has some really attractive areas. My parents were Tasmanian – mum “escaped” to the more exciting mainland in the 1930’s & would turn in her grave if I thought of going back there! With offspring & families in Vic, Bass Strait is the issue. I do love the area around Wynyard/Stanley.


      1. It is gorgeous up there. We had a house in Deloraine for a short time. I love the whole state, it would be hard to pick an area there to like best.


  2. Life’s so much easier when work, family or something limits your choices to some extent. A truly blank sheet is really hard to fill. But we did alright with our home in France, and now here in Yorkshire. In the end, most communities have a lot to offer if you go hunting.


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