The Tale of the Mongrel Dog

One hears a lot of unusual stories on the road and this is one of them.

They grow a lot of tomatoes in the warm dry heat of Central Victoria. The tomato grower down the road from our mate had a bunch of pickers in and one was living in a nearby shack. The picker had a dog that ran up and down the road constantly barking at all and sundry. All day, every day without a break.

Talking to the picker our mate said “It’s a wonder no one has shot that bloody dog.”

“I wish someone would.” Said the picker flippantly.

With that our mate picked up his gun and shot the dog.

The poor picker fled terrified that he’d be next in the firing line.

The tomato farmer wasn’t too pleased either as he had to find another picker. Life on the land is never easy.

Amigo’s Castle, Lightning Ridge, NSW

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