Aug 2018

You know Aussies are a friendly bunch. As I walk across to the loos this morning a woman asks if we are moving on today. I answer “No” and expect the conversation to end there. Oh no, into the cubicles, still chatting, still asking questions. Somewhat embarrassed I realise that there’s no getting away from the inevitable. Thus in the course of performing our most personal of morning duties we discuss Queensland free camps, Victorian silo art and how we prefer to avoid cities. Washing my hands I call out “Safe travels” and scoot out the door. Only to be met by her husband. “G’day, where are you off to today?”. Oh shit!

Jayco Muster, Finch Hatton, Qld

12 thoughts on “G’day

  1. Ha ha ha – that made me chortle. The thing I find absolutely the hardest about this touring mullarkey is sharing toilets. It was not unknown for me to walk halfway around the building at work to find a cubicle without company and my heart used to sink if I heard the door go. Especially if I had had curry the night before…!
    A lot of French campsites don’t provide loo paper, so you also have to walk to the facilities bearing the Roll of Shame…


    1. Or you’ve got the toilet roll, which happens to be near new and large, jammed in your pocket and someone tries to stop you for a chat about the weather and how they wouldn’t be dead for quids…and that curry is on the launchpad and ready for lift off.

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  2. Doesn’t that just remind you of when your kids were at home and being on the loo seemed to make you a captive for conversation (usually conversion of the, “i can’t find” kind.


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