Let’s raise a glass to the Mirrool pub

I was pleased to read recently that the Mirrool Pub is back in business and under new management. For the ‘pub stay’ caravanner using the Newell Highway this is great news because the friendly hamlet of Mirrool provides spotless and modern bathrooms (toilets and showers) along with power and water for a small fee. Across the road is the grand old Royal Hotel from which, as legend has it, is where AFL star Billy Brownless once kicked a footy over the grain silos. For those grey nomads making the trek north in winter there’s a big open fireplace in the dining room and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the lamb cutlets are still on the menu.

Now where’s Mirrool again?

For you multi-tasking readers Googling this as you read and munch your breakfast, you’ll see that it’s in New South Wales, just north of Grong Grong and Berry Jerry and east of Moombooldool.

The Mirrool pub, NSW

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