It’s a long way to the top, Day 104 – The Surveyor General

Day 104 Tuesday 16th Sept 2014 Sutton Forest

It is an icy cold morning but toasty and warm in the farmhouse. Swathed in jeans, jumpers and gumboots, K takes us on a tour of the property and shows us the heritage shale woodland that they are regenerating and explains the dam system that filters the water used on the property. All the while Lilly the Labrador swims about happily. Their abundant vegetable garden is bordered by espaliered fruit trees. They are running Galloway cattle and are growing oak trees that in time will become a truffle orchard.

We drive to Berrima and explore the old cemetery. The oldest grave that we find is 1805. There are stories of tragic death and drownings in the young colony. In town we visit the Surveyor General Inn, which has the oldest continuous licence dating back to 1834. The low pressed metal ceilings are unusual. We continue on to tour the villages of the highlands quaint Exeter with its book barn/ post office, Bundanoon bedecked with stone fences and rail bridges and Sutton Forest with its quaint 1930’s pub, all brick with timber wall panelling. Everywhere the rolling paddocks are green from too much rain and the deciduous trees still stand stark against the grey sky.

We return to a fabulous beef roast and a good red. K&P have been wonderful hosts and have given us an insight into the work that they are undertaking to ensure that this area and its water will remain pristine for future generations.

Towing Kms: 0

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