The Alberton Pub

Feb 2021, Alberton, Vic (just south of Sale and 6kms north of Port Albert, if you’re wondering)

When we’re on the road it seems to just work out that we have a pub meal once a week. If we find a pub where we can camp, then it’s a bonus, especially if it’s a good one like the Victoria Hotel at Alberton.

We had rocked into the Victoria Hotel at Alberton only to find that it was booked out with 5 vans due in. We couldn’t turn around so we did a lap of the back of town down a road that was so rarely used that it was a lawn before realising that the 5 vans was probably our earlier booking before the others had decided to head for home. We sorted out the misunderstanding and booked for the next night before moving on to Port Albert a few minutes away.

Gellion St, Alberton. Crikey, I think we’re on someone’s lawn!

Thus, we knew that we would be in for a comfortable night at The Victoria. The owners had taken advantage of the Covid lockdown to give the old girl a fresh coat of paint and out back there was a large patch of green lawn for us to set up. The clean bathrooms inside were open for our use too.

After an afternoon enjoying the sun on the back lawn we popped into the pub for an excellent seafood platter. Commenting on how good the obviously homemade tartare sauce was the chef gave us the recipe, Elle couldn’t get in the van quick enough to jot that down.

If you’re coming down to Alberton there’s not a lot to see or do but by jingo’s the pub is good.

The Victoria Hotel, Alberton
Alberton pub, this is nicer than caravan parks!

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