The Empty Esky Tour, Day 6 – Broken Creek

Day 6, Wednesday 26/2/20 Broken Creek, cloudy 24

There are a few more showers overnight and it is a little cooler. The morning is washed clean and bright. The cockies wheel and screech. It’s time to clean off the dust and sweep out the dead blowies.

House work completed and bodies scrubbed under wood fired hot showers, we bundle ourselves into the Jeep and head out the other side of Benalla to the Tatong Tavern. With long vistas of sheep and cattle paddocks and the Strathbogie Ranges way to the south it’s a heavenly drive and all too quick.

Upon the arrival of us and a few more the Bar Menu is quickly replaced by the Specials Menu giving us many choices. We’re all happy and contented after Seared Duck, Pork Ribs on a bed of noodles and Atlantic Salmon, but Woody’s duck was the winner.

Back at camp we meet motorhomers from Phillip Island who know friends of ours. We’re soon joined by The Coppers and the evening becomes noisy with too many bubbles and stories. A good camp kitchen is priceless.

We fall into bed with all of the windows and hatches closed as it is a little cooler.

Cockies: cockatoos

Blowies: flies, blowflies

Summary Accom $17+ power donation

Tatong Tavern, VIC

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