An app addiction

During what a caravanning friend of mine refers to as ‘the quiet time’ I’ve been playing with a rather cute app called Pin365 and logging all the pubs that we’ve had a beer in on our caravanning adventures. Just the caravanning trips, not the casual Sunday lunches around Melbourne and not the places that we’ve visited by ships and planes and without our van Priscilla.

Of course, the trouble with computers and statistics is that they always seem to disagree with the old ‘gut feel’ method. Thus, in this enlightened state two things have become blindingly obvious, firstly there are a lot of Royals, Commercials and Railways and secondly, I think it’s time that we sought help for our Pot and Parmie problem!

Seriously, I’m thinking of upgrading to the full version of Pin365 as it is handy, easy to use and fun. I’m still not finished with the pubs but I’m also pinning the birthplaces of our ancestors now.

Pin365 Pub Map
More cold beers than you can point a stick at

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