Managing Wind

Eyre Peninsula, March 2018 The wind is becoming stronger and everything is coated in a layer of dust. As soon as I wipe the benches they are gritty again. I give up. Cooking dinner outside has become a joke but the wind doesn’t seem to deter the flies. At least the washing dries within minutes. We spend another day in the van avoiding the heat and wind and locking down everything that rattles in the wind, roof hatches are jammed down extra tight and the door (opening into the wind) threatens to blow off its hinges every time we open … Continue reading Managing Wind

A Windy Coast

Eyre Peninsula, March 2018 Since Whyalla we’ve been lashed by strong winds and have rarely had a chance to put the awning out. Locks Well was calm until after sunset then strong winds buffeted the vans all bloody night. I had visions of our two rigs being blown off the cliffs and into the sea. Thus, we set ourselves up at Streaky Bay and venture into town for a look around. We sit in the pub and remark on how nice it is to at last have no wind. However, when we return to the park it is blowing a … Continue reading A Windy Coast

A Chilling Thought

Dad’s talking thermometer now lives on our caravan and it normally only talks between 8:00am and 8:00pm. However we’ve now discovered a hidden feature….we went to Drouin and stayed in the little park called Glen Cromie not far from Mt Baw Baw. In the middle of the night we were woken to be told that the temperature had just dropped or should I say plummeted below zero, to a chilly -.2 degrees in fact. Now seriously, we’d had enough trouble getting off to sleep what with freezing cold noses and all and then we get woken up to tell us … Continue reading A Chilling Thought

In praise of heated seats

Normally when one travels north or south, east or west the brain tries to keep up, anticipating when the sun will rise or set. Throw in diagonal journeys and one gets utterly confused. A drink and a few laughs at Happy Hour and we’re left wondering where the hell the sun went and so quickly.If that’s not hard enough on the mind the body takes a battering from trying to acclimatise to weather zones that change as fast as we drive. On the NSW north coast we suffered constant heavy rain like nothing that we’re used to in Melbourne (a … Continue reading In praise of heated seats

Cyclone Season

From October to March most Australians hold their breath in silent hope that nature won’t be too harsh on us this year. In the southern states the fear is for bush fires. In the tropical north its cyclone season. Sadly once more nature has unleashed a damaging cyclone. Cyclone Debbie is lashing the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland with 260 kmh winds and all that they bring. Our hearts go out to our mates in Queensland. Continue reading Cyclone Season

Unseasonal weather

We’ve been invited over to our caravan mate’s place for afternoon tea. They live in a seventy year old Queenslander housein tropical Mackay. Now I’ve been busting to see inside one of these houses forever so I’m just a little excited. The inside walls are of vertical timber boards that stretch up to a ceiling that is 14 feet above. The windows are shuttered and doorways are crowned with fretwork. We have tea on the wide teak verandah overlooking the garden and the rain that tumbles down unceasingly. This is the dry season. Our friends describe how they use the … Continue reading Unseasonal weather