New Year’s Day in Melbourne

New Year’s morning in Melbourne with the temperature already approaching 30c at 8:00am what does one do? Wander down to the beach, breathe in the salty air and contemplate the New Year. On Port Phillip bay when the weather is calm the wavelets curl onto the sand in tiny crystal clear and mesmerizing glass tubes. Quite unlike the waves of ocean surf. One could sit for hours just watching those glassy curls. But not today because today will be another scorcher. Like yesterday, already there’s heat in the sun as I sit on a patch of sand shaded by the cliff behind.

On the beach, locals are walking dogs, a tractor drives back and forth cleaning the sand for another day, kids are swimming, daytrippers are setting up their spots for a day at the beach, paddle boarders are paddling and the pier is hosting walkers and jumping kids. I reckon it’s time for breakfast.

Frankston Beach at 8:00am the skyline of Melbourne beyond
Frankston Beach, Oliver’s Hill and Davey’s Bay

18 thoughts on “New Year’s Day in Melbourne

  1. I was at Seacliff beach, SA, early this morning and there were heaps of people and dogs all enjoying the cool atmosphere. By about 10:30 it was already in the 30s! I think it’s heading your way. 🙂


    1. This is normal, just as long as we don’t get into the 40’s or have fires. Victoria has had a cool wet year, the countryside has stayed green much longer and the dams are full. We fear for next summer when all that green growth dies off.

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  2. So interesting to think that you are having the weather we had half a year ago! Our weather is ‘deep freeze’ right now – have had more than a few -30 to -35 C days. Today it feels much more pleasant at -18C!
    Happy New Year!


      1. Jabs are up to date, but our goal has never been to stay safe! It is like the old saying, “A Ship in Harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are for.” If our only goal was to be safe, then for the past two years we would not have ventured out our front door!


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