A foggy day

Feb 2020, Apollo Bay, Vic

I rise early to capture the sunrise but, we’re still surrounded by fog. Walking on the rock shelf is difficult, the light is so flat that I can’t tell dry rock from rock pools. Yet, two women are swimming and their dog is concerned at not being able to see them. A woman tells me that she hasn’t seen conditions like this in 36 years.

We dash into town to buy the ingredients for tonight’s burger night dinner and the fog, like pea soup gets thicker.

After lunch we return for a walk around the harbour. People are trying to surf small waves but I wonder how they can see them coming. There’s excitement in the air as marquees are being erected for the weekend’s Seafood Festival. Out near the end of the wharf fisherfolk are casting lines into the swell near the breakwater. Sailboats look dreamy in the mist and a large stingray cruises the harbour.

Searching for a wave, Apollo Bay, Vic
Apollo Bay harbour
Apollo Bay harbour with slipway in the distance

8 thoughts on “A foggy day

  1. We went through Apollo Bay during the Seafood festival. I remember going in to the Bakery and the woman there saying she hadn’t ever seen conditions so grey. Very weird.


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