Four seasons in one week

Nov 2019, Lakes Entrance

Caravanning has many similarities with yachting. Anyone who has ever sailed will know that, all plans are weather dependant.

We recently went on a Caravan Club muster to Heyfield and Lakes Entrance in Victoria’s Gippsland region. Being the end of November the weather on the first day was a mild and pleasant 22˚. After what has been a coolish spring it was nice to pull on the shorts and T shirts and enjoy some warm weather. When it got to 30˚ the next day, we soaked it up like lizards. On the third day however, a searing northerly wind set in blowing heat down from the inland. The mercury shot up to 37˚before lunch. We had just set up the van in a caravan park on North Arm so we closed the blinds, switched on the air con, turned on a 12 volt fan for added circulation and threw ourselves on the bed in sweaty disarray. By evening a big rolling cold front came through bringing a summer storm of thunder, lightning and heavy raindrops to return the temperature to something much more bearable but not enough to quell the bushfires that the heat had brought to the north of us.

There followed 4 delightful but sometimes smoky days and we decided to extend our stay and make the most of the great location and good weather.

On our last day we woke to gale force winds, heavy rain and a top temperature of 8˚, that’s correct 8˚! Almost as cold as our fridge. Rather than punch into foul weather all the way home or even try to go sightseeing we hunkered down with coffee, books and a bit of binge viewing on the tele revelling in the warmth of the diesel heater. Did I mention snow on the ranges? Oh boy we could feel that in our bones.

Next morning brought a perfect spring day once more and a pleasant drive home to Melbourne.

Some people say Melbourne has four seasons in one day, we certainly copped it in a week.

North Arm cloudy
North Arm smoky
North Arm smoke filled sky pano
North Arm, Lakes Entrance smoke filled sky
North Arm rainy
North Arm, sunny

2 thoughts on “Four seasons in one week

  1. Wow you certainly got every sort of weather didn’t you? We heard so many people in Melbourne quoting the ‘four seasons in one day’ thing when we were there. Get back to the sunshine quick!


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