Caravanners need to be like sailors

It’s that time of year again, cyclone season up north sends floods down through the inland. The chance of searing dry heat in the south is the precursor to bushfires, though thankfully this summer has been cooler. There’s always dangerous weather to watch out for in this country. Like swings and roundabouts if it’s raining in Brisbane it’s probably dry in Melbourne and vice versa. If it’s raining in Perth then Adelaide and Melbourne will be next as the prevailing winds blow across the country. It pays to keep an eye on the weather and it doesn’t always do what you’d expect.

An icy blast Mt Baw Baw, Vic…quickly where’s the pub?

9 thoughts on “Caravanners need to be like sailors

  1. Always need to keep an eye out on what is happening a day away on each direction don’t you? Cos one of those weather fronts will definitely be coming your way. You need a crows nest on the van to keep watch from.


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