Maryborough Showgrounds

The Maryborough Showgrounds is enormous. There’s plenty of room for camping, clean dunnies and only mild highway sounds in the distance. While we stay there’s a gymkhana, billy cart racing and some great country music happening way over the other side of the park. The sort of things that you would never, ever see in a caravan park. This is a perfect base for unhitching and exploring the Fraser Coast and historic Maryborough. Just passing through? What could be better than just swinging off the highway and putting your feet up here? Where: Bruce Highway, Maryborough, Qld and a short … Continue reading Maryborough Showgrounds

Quicker than Google

As we drive into Maryborough (pronounced Marybra) ‘D’ is excited as she has just spotted the Aldi supermarket and we haven’t seen one in weeks having been out in the sticks. The boys get to wondering aloud where the Dan Murphy liquor store is when a voice comes over the air “there’s a Dan Murphy’s in Richmond Street.” Yes, these UHF radios sure are handy. Continue reading Quicker than Google