To Great Western, Maryborough – When Chinese becomes parmi

Day 4 Thursday 3/2/22 Maryborough, cold wind 22

The wind is most unpleasant and blows hard all day. Woody takes a few walks and we pop out to one of two Lyal Eales camping stores in Maryborough. You never know when you are going to find a handy camping gadget. The afternoon is spent walking and photographing some of the more interesting homes near town and the fire station tower. The tower is the third to be built on the site. It was erected in 1888 to replace the previous one whose bell was muffled by the building of the rather large town hall.

We expect to have dinner at the local Chinese restaurant tonight but we have to quickly change our plans as their chefs are at the hospital being tested for Covid. We try the Park Hotel across the road instead and the walk home is necessary to walk off the huge meal.

Accom: $39.00

Fire Station Tower, Maryborough, VIC. Loud and proud.
7 Park Rd, Maryborough, VIC is going to be frustrating to sketch.

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