To Great Western, Maryborough Railway Station

Day 5 Friday 4/2/2022 Maryborough, light breeze sunny 26

We have a feast of ducks on the lakeshore behind us. An Indian Runner and her clutch of ducklings graze on the lawn. The corellas are making an unholy noise in the trees above and sounding like 1000 broody hens. There are honeyeaters, wood ducks and swans as well as walkers circling the lake.

A family afloat
Long Billed Corellas showing their bright red necks as one feeds the other to stop the constant squawking.

Driving around town we have to visit the piece de resistance, the Maryborough Station. The railway station here is so large that Mark Twain was quoted as saying “You can put the whole population of Maryborough into it with a sofa apiece and have room for more.” And it is large and quite grand and beautifully constructed. Built around 1890 it was expected to be a major hub of the state railway network and wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t meant for Maryborough in QLD as many may think, as each state had an independent rail network.*

Maryborough Railway Station

It’s a perfect arvo for dozing in the sun now that the wind has dropped. We have happy hour in the sun. Toothless cooks kranskys, Woody steams dumplings and we meet neighbours who are living in their van while their inner city apartment in Melbourne is completed. They introduce us to a new phrase ‘Just taking the home brew out’ which refers to emptying the toilet cassette.

Maryborough Caravan Park, VIC

Accom: $39.00

* Myths & Rumours Maryborough Railway Station.


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