Rollingstone General Store

Winter 2016 We drive into Rollingstone which is a cluster of houses engulfed by tropical gardens, a school, a police station, a pub and a general store. The store is so typical of north Queensland and famous for its ham off the bone. The front door is a roller shutter. When the store is open the shutter is up, no fly screens, just the whole shop open to the warm tropical breeze. It sells everything, fuel, groceries, souvenirs, has a post office agency and even sells chunks of coral for six bucks. Which I might add, anyone can pick up … Continue reading Rollingstone General Store

Like a Rollingstone, Day 50 – A Lakeside Site

Day 50 Tuesday 28/6/2016, magnificent once more We had a shower of rain over night. Which seemed to be the equivalent of Melbourne’s annual rainfall and all in a matter of ten minutes. We flew outside to drop the clears on the annexe and by the time we’d finished the rain had almost stopped. All we could do was laugh because I was in a T shirt and Woody in his undies and we were soaked through. Woody takes the Jeep into Townsville for a service and the rain had provided evidence of our mysterious leak. They unblock the tubes … Continue reading Like a Rollingstone, Day 50 – A Lakeside Site

Like a Rollingstone, Day 49 – A Tropical Haircut

Day 49 Monday, 27/6/2016, Rollingstone, cool, steamy now how can that be? I am so enjoying falling out of bed and onto the beach cowrie hunting. Woody has threatened to put a stop to the shell collecting but I can think of no better use for the two narrow cupboards above the fridge. Besides, I’m getting good at cowrie spotting in the half light. Although I accidentally brought home a hermit crab the other day and got a hell of a fright when a bunch of little legs popped out on the kitchen sink. He was quickly dispatched to the … Continue reading Like a Rollingstone, Day 49 – A Tropical Haircut

Like a Rollingstone, Day 48 – In the Lockup

Day 48 Sunday, 26/6/2016, Rollingstone, Overcast, cooler Hallelujah, our neighbours have started to pack up. We farewell ‘the Sugars’ who are heading home to Mackay. F and L (yes, even they chuckle about that one) have kindly offered us a camp spot under their house if we need it (those big Queenslander houses are rather handy). They are indeed charming people. While I work on finishing our caravan club newsletter, of which I am late in dispatching, Woody lies on the bed and watches the neighbours pack up. Last night they had a family meeting and mother declared that breakfast … Continue reading Like a Rollingstone, Day 48 – In the Lockup

Like a Rollingstone, Days 40 & 41 – The Annexe

Day 40 Saturday 18/6/2016, Rollingstone, hot 28 We have only one chore to do today…put up the annexe. After huffing and puffing, red faces and sweating we finally collapse exhausted but with the annexe looking pretty good. Well, it is only our second try and we halved the erection time. Only three hours this time and worth it for the extra space seeing that we’re putting our feet up for a while. We tour nearby Balgal Beach in the afternoon, there’s no way we’d walk along the beach to it! Funny thing is that we can see the Balgal fish … Continue reading Like a Rollingstone, Days 40 & 41 – The Annexe