Like a Rollingstone, Day 47 – Tempting the crocs

Day 47 25/6/2016, Saturday, Rollingstone, Hot, steamy 28

We’ve been having trouble remembering what day it is. Thank goodness that Woody loves his politics otherwise I’m sure I’d miss polling day.

The sunrise this morning was magnificent and people were standing in the water watching it. I can’t understand why they do this as it was only a few weeks ago that a woman was eaten by a croc up at Daintree. The park owners have been insistent that we don’t paddle or swim in the sea or venture near the creeks on either end of the beach.

Don’t they realise this could be their last sunrise?

Our entertaining neighbours again ……these supposedly highly intelligent and obnoxious children paddle in the water each morning but they don’t swim in the pool or jump on the bouncing pillow. This morning #2 caught a flathead. Father went into a booming oration of praise down on the beach. I could hear every word from inside our annexe. He went on for half an hour, people were standing gawking and wondering what the man was on about. I’ve wondered that myself. Each day they leave camp at lunchtime and don’t return until nine or ten, then bang and bump around as they only have one torch for lighting and from what I gather live on tea and rice bubbles. Certainly not the bottle of red wine that has been sitting in the sun for three days.

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