Like a Rollingstone, Day 50 – A Lakeside Site

Day 50 Tuesday 28/6/2016, magnificent once more

We had a shower of rain over night. Which seemed to be the equivalent of Melbourne’s annual rainfall and all in a matter of ten minutes. We flew outside to drop the clears on the annexe and by the time we’d finished the rain had almost stopped. All we could do was laugh because I was in a T shirt and Woody in his undies and we were soaked through.

Woody takes the Jeep into Townsville for a service and the rain had provided evidence of our mysterious leak. They unblock the tubes that drain the sunroof so fingers crossed that the problem is solved.

VeeWee and Tilly arrive and set up camp on a grassy lakeside spot and The Prado’s put on a BBQ dinner at their campsite beside the beach. I’m yet to find a bad campsite in this park.

Rollingstone, Qld

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