Like a Rollingstone, Day 49 – A Tropical Haircut

Day 49 Monday, 27/6/2016, Rollingstone, cool, steamy now how can that be?

I am so enjoying falling out of bed and onto the beach cowrie hunting. Woody has threatened to put a stop to the shell collecting but I can think of no better use for the two narrow cupboards above the fridge. Besides, I’m getting good at cowrie spotting in the half light. Although I accidentally brought home a hermit crab the other day and got a hell of a fright when a bunch of little legs popped out on the kitchen sink. He was quickly dispatched to the beach.

We took advantage of the park hairdresser today. Melita is the park owner’s daughter who drives up from Townsville once a week and cuts hair out on the veranda of their house (this is Queensland remember, warm breezes swaying palms, tropical paradise). It’s starting to feel like we’ve moved into some ritzy retirement home with everything that we need delivered to our door.

At happy hour we are joined by The Prado’s outlaw inlaws B & C from Mandurah who are doing the big lap. There’s plenty to talk about.

Rollingstone, Qld

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