Like a Rollingstone, Days 45 & 46 – Stalking Storks & Shouting Barramundi

Day 45 & 46 23 & 24/6/2016, Thursday, Rollingstone, Warm to hot 30

Aah….the tides comes in and the tide goes out.

Jabiru stalking the shallows, Rollingstone, Qld

A peaceful walk on the beach in the early morning turns out to be an hour of wildlife excitement. At the Balgal end of the beach a jabiru stalks the shallows. I have never seen one in the sea nor this far south. I can’t contain myself. At the northern end of the beach three sharks are attacking a school of fish and the water boils in a display of dorsal fins and leaping fish.

Feeding frenzy

We have lunch on the deck of the Townsville Yacht Club on Ross Creek overlooking the boats. The chap at the next table keeps throwing food over the glass balcony, he’s feeding the fish.

Townsville, Qld

Back at camp our new mates from the Sugar City Pioneers (the folks we met in Charters Towers) have arrived so we catch up for a talkative happy hour.

Now let me explain those new neighbours who moved in last night….the father sounds like either an academic or a teacher. He speaks in a booming voice with over pronunciation, like a Shakespearian actor lacking a microphone. Number one son who is about 8 years old speaks the same. Number two son is about 6 years old and is considered inferior by #1. Mother rarely speaks except when #1 bellows abuse at her. #1 son rocks up for breakfast stark naked, Woody nearly lost his place on FaceBook in shock. Father booms out everything that we ever need to know about BARRA….MUNDI. Yes I think we got that and I think that #1 did too because now he’s booming it at #2.

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