Like a Rollingstone, Day 42 – Fancy meeting you here!

Day 42 20/6/2016, Monday, Rollingstone, a stunning 24 degrees

We wake to a perfect morning, blue sky, sun shining and everything is warm and drying out.

We drive into Townsville and as we turn onto The Strand the sun is sparkling on the water. We smell coffee roasting in the city CBD so we park in Palmer Street and walk back. Coffee Dominion serves only coffee, not even a biscuit to go with it, but it is the best coffee that I’ve ever, ever tasted.

As we’re wandering, soaking up the sights and smells and shopping Woody’s cousin and her husband ring and we meet for lunch at a café on The Strand. Why are they up here? They’re on their way to Cape York.

Townsville CBD
The Strand and Magnetic Island, Townsville, Qld

After lunch we drive up Castle Hill which is frighteningly steep and towers above the city.

Townsville from Castle Hill

Back at Rollingstone we sit outside watching the sunset. The islands are clear and the sky is a thousand shades of pink and lilac and blue. Suddenly a white band appears behind an island and it grows, it is the moon glowing full and magnificent and shining across the water….aah.

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