Almost Free Camp

Ardlethan is a pretty little town in southern NSW and just off the Newell Highway, about a kilometre from it actually. It is the home of the Kelpie. It has an IGA a few shops and the London Hotel. Best of all it has a free short stay caravan park in the heart of town with coin in the slot power at $2 for 12 hours. Now that’s worth pulling off the busy Newell Highway for. Continue reading Almost Free Camp

Nice Buns!

We’re in Piper Street, Kyneton, Vic. It’s winter and 11 degrees here in the Macedon Ranges region. It is cold, wet and miserable and we stop for a warming coffee at Grist Artisan Bakery. Woody is soon grinning behind a big glazed fruit bun. He says that it is the best that he’s ever had and he’s an expert. The bakery is in an old wooden mill building with big solid beams. It feels rather …well, English. The ceiling is low and the floor uneven and patched. Leaving Woody to his bun I wander off to find the toilet and … Continue reading Nice Buns!

The Different Methods of Caravanning

We’re packing up after 4 days of freedom camping in a place where water is available. Which leads me to contemplate the variety of set ups that we can have. While we’re driving the fridge/freezer is powered by an Anderson Plug that draws power from the car. In a Caravan Park We connect to power and water. We also run a sullage (waste water) hose to the nearest waste outlet. We drop our van legs for stability. We unhook if we are going touring otherwise we request a drive through site and stay hooked on, saving the heavy work. For … Continue reading The Different Methods of Caravanning


It’s early morning and as I walk along Burleigh Heads beach the voice behind me extols the virtues of buying quality and not being afraid of the cost. I glance up at the multitude of high rise apartments and presume that she’s talking about real estate. As she and her friend pass she mentions that the tights that she is wearing cost $120! And I notice that the quality is indeed so good and so figure hugging that they highlight all of the cellulite in her bum. Continue reading Dimples