Australia Day 2017

The Australian Sense of Humour  – by Grahame Watt

There’s a certain thing Australian

you know of, there’s no doubt.

It’s the Australian sense of humour,

it’s as dry as any drought.


When things were crook in Tallarook

in the pioneering days,

The settlers laughed at hardship,

there was no other way.


When cattle died, when harvest failed,

they wouldn’t toss it in,

They’d try again and say “bad luck!”

and come up with a grin.


It was the Aussie sense of humour

saw them through the trials outback,

Saw the Diggers in the trenches

take the worst and give it back.


When an Aussie is in trouble

and things are not so bright,

He always has an answer,

with a cheery “She’ll be right!”.


So if you’re looking for a special theme

for next “Australia Day”,

Let’s hear it for that “AUSSIE”

sense of humour and fair play!

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