The Greats – Great Ocean Road

In a recent chat with fellow blogger A Wandering Memory I reminisced about the Great Ocean Road and how of the many trips that we’ve done along there the one that stays in my mind was at night. It was the middle of winter June or July bitterly cold and clear. We had a new car and cocooned in its warmth we were enjoying the drive back and forth around the gentle curves of the road. Mind you I’ve enjoyed every drive on that road, but this night the full moon was shining on the water and illuminating the curl of the surf in a way that was indescribable. When we arrived at our cabin overlooking the ocean near Apollo Bay there was not only a wood fire to greet us but a purring welcoming cat on the doormat.

On that cold evening many years ago a camera of the era could not have caught the beauty but around ten or so years ago we stayed with friends in a house high on the hill directly above the Wye pub. I was awakened by a stunning sunrise pulled on a T shirt, or something for decency, and flew out onto the verandah with the camera. Either our friends are very polite or else they slept through my antics as I padded up and down the length of the verandah trying to catch the purple radiance that filled the sky.

Just prior to last Christmas our Caravan Club met at Anglesea on the eastern end of the GOR as it is affectionately known these days and a bunch of us (three car loads in fact) decided on a drive to the Wye Beach Hotel for lunch.  “It’s just down the road.” Said dear Woody and we all nodded eagerly. Now travellers we are and we all know the Great Ocean Road ‘like the back of our hand’ yet for the next hour we were all guilty of saying “It’s around the next bend” in between “lovely day for a drive, oh, just look at that ocean.” Eventually we did reach Wye River and fell out of the 4WD’s laughing our heads off. The lunch? Perfect and with a great view of the surfers on the beach below.

Wye River and Beach
Great Ocean Road (length 243km) Source: Google Maps

6 thoughts on “The Greats – Great Ocean Road

  1. Those are some great pictures, thank you for sharing your adventures with us up here on the far north side of the globe. I just received a note from Leone Rogers, she says it’s 90 + degrees Fahrenheit during the night where she’s at in Australia. Be well be safe be blessed.


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