Nice Buns!

We’re in Piper Street, Kyneton, Vic. It’s winter and 11 degrees here in the Macedon Ranges region. It is cold, wet and miserable and we stop for a warming coffee at Grist Artisan Bakery.

Woody is soon grinning behind a big glazed fruit bun. He says that it is the best that he’s ever had and he’s an expert. The bakery is in an old wooden mill building with big solid beams. It feels rather …well, English. The ceiling is low and the floor uneven and patched. Leaving Woody to his bun I wander off to find the toilet and get locked in when the old wooden door gets stuck on the uneven floorboards.

Luckily for me it is a unisex toilet and a kind gentleman soon comes along and yanks the door open to rescue me. Woody? Still munching on that bloody bun!

Grist Artisan Bakery, Kyneton

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