We Joined a Caravan Club

When we bought our first caravan Woody was heartily reluctant to join a club, declaring that he didn’t want to join some club run by ‘officious bastards’ (his words, not mine) who only want to have meetings. I persevered and we joined our local branch of the Australian Caravan Club. What a surprise, when at our very first muster I met two people that I went to school with (who I might add had married, each other) and a very distant cousin. Through contacts in the club we have found other distant relatives. How wrong could our initial concerns have … Continue reading We Joined a Caravan Club

Port Campbell Hotel

The Port Campbell Pub is only a block away from the NRMA Port Campbell Holiday Park. There’s a tang of salt in the air as we walk up the hill to the charming and welcoming old weatherboard. Inside it is warm and cosy and packed with tourists and locals. The meal is a little dearer than your average country pub, but the menu and quality is a cut above too. My braised beef cheeks on mash just fall apart by the forkful and they’re surrounded by fresh and tasty vegetables. A perfect meal to end a day of walking windswept … Continue reading Port Campbell Hotel

The Tale of the Mongrel Dog

One hears a lot of unusual stories on the road and this is one of them. They grow a lot of tomatoes in the warm dry heat of Central Victoria. The tomato grower down the road from our mate had a bunch of pickers in and one was living in a nearby shack. The picker had a dog that ran up and down the road constantly barking at all and sundry. All day, every day without a break. Talking to the picker our mate said “It’s a wonder no one has shot that bloody dog.” “I wish someone would.” Said … Continue reading The Tale of the Mongrel Dog

Lake Bolac Camping Park

There’s not a lot to see in Lake Bolac, a pub, a store, an information centre. In contrast the crater lake is huge, about 27kms in diameter according to Toothless Johnno who drove around it. The Camping Park is a few kilometres from town and far enough away from highway noise, situated in a well trimmed thicket of eucalypts. There are newly constructed combination toilet & shower bathrooms and fire pits and water taps scattered throughout the park. There is a cleverly designed BBQ shelter with views of the lake from comfortable chairs and there’s a table. A family of … Continue reading Lake Bolac Camping Park

To bathroom or not to bathroom? That is the question

For the caravanner with food intolerances the answer is easy. There is nothing better than towing your own bathroom about the countryside. And Australian highways are notorious for their lack of conveniences. So next time you see a car and van parked on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere, just remember before you stick your head in the door to help that Mum’s probably on the loo and admiring the view. Time for a pit stop Mulligan Hwy near Cooktown, Qld Continue reading To bathroom or not to bathroom? That is the question