We Joined a Caravan Club

When we bought our first caravan Woody was heartily reluctant to join a club, declaring that he didn’t want to join some club run by ‘officious bastards’ (his words, not mine) who only want to have meetings. I persevered and we joined our local branch of the Australian Caravan Club.

What a surprise, when at our very first muster I met two people that I went to school with (who I might add had married, each other) and a very distant cousin. Through contacts in the club we have found other distant relatives. How wrong could our initial concerns have been as our branch pride themselves on their lack of rules. You’d go a long way to find a nicer bunch of people. We’ve made some great friends and they give Facebook a serious workout daily with news of their travels and friendly banter. We meet regularly for musters and outings and everyone shares a wealth of advice on caravanning in general as well as where to go, where to stay and what to see. When at home we meet for lunches and when on the road it is always nice to meet up with friends when you’re a long way from home.

What prompted this post? Well that bloke who was reluctant to join a Caravan Club has just stepped down after 4 years as President of our little group.

And what could be better than a friendly game of Finska in the sun with a bunch of great mates? With a beer in hand of course.

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