Simpson Recreation Reserve

Nov 2018, Simpson, Vic

One of the problems for RV’ers touring the Great Ocean Road and Shipwreck Coast is the cost of caravan parks in the high season, the lack of available free camping, especially for young international tourists in campervans and the shortage of dog friendly caravan parks. We have a particular love for the Otway Ranges and never tire of the winding roads, picture postcard views of dairy farms with the ocean beyond and farm gate signs declaring “Horse Shit and Bum Nuts for sale”.

Thus, we wound our way up to Simpson, a small town with a very busy take away shop on the highway and what must be damned good food. Next door is the Recreation Reserve and Showgrounds. Acres of mowed lawns surround the sports oval and there are plenty of power boxes dotted about. There is a water tap for that most precious of commodities. At the rear of the clubrooms you’ll find an almost new large bathroom. Although it is on the main road the park is quiet at night and there is a short bush walk past two small dams to the take away shop. Payment can be made at either the shop or the supermarket a block away. It cost us $15 for a powered site.

Simpson is well situated to unhook your van and tour the coast.

For the uninitiated Bum Nuts is a colloquialism for eggs.

Simpson Recreation Reserve, plenty of lawn
Dairy farms beyond

4 thoughts on “Simpson Recreation Reserve

  1. Lovely area. Simpson used to be where Kraft made Coon Cheese, at their nearby cheese factory.

    PS. I think you have created a new nickname for backpackers : YITIC’s. Young International Tourists In Campervans!


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