Maffra Golf Club

Feb 2021, Maffra, Vic

An emu walks a fence line on the bush drive up to Sale. After stocking up on groceries we take the road north to Maffra, 20kms through small farms of corn and cows.

The Maffra Golf Club is about 4kms out of town. A green grassy swathe of tight but neat sites. Brand new bathrooms with heated floors are behind us in the clubhouse. For $25 we’re hooked up to power and water and it’s nice not to have to budget our usage. We can’t believe how lucky we’ve been on this trip to have found so many green grassy sites. Funnily, the only one that didn’t meet the standard was the most expensive, the Venus Bay caravan park!

Maffra Golf Club, the ideal spot for caravanning golfers

Maffra has a number of empty shops but with its tree lined main street it still looks a treat and of course El Prado is as happy as a dog with two tails when we find Maffra Pies, just off the main drag.

In the afternoon we have a drink in the clubhouse overlooking the greens. The members tell us that improvements to the club were funded courtesy of a government community grant to boost the economy when the Hazelwood coal fired power station was closed. In a statement to these crazy Covid times they now can’t get a chef to run their kitchen, damn we would have had dinner here.

This site is a little uneven and our heads are high, meaning that we spend the night dragging the doona back from falling onto the floor. One of the joys of caravanning.

Early morning and in the paddock beside us a cocky perches on a hay bale

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