Salad Spinners

Feb 2021, Meeniyan, Vic

There’s a saying amongst caravanners that everything on board must have two uses.

After returning to Meeniyan from our enforced 5day Covid lockdown we have a long and hilarious happy hour in which we discuss the merits of using a motorised salad spinner for spin drying our clothes. You see the biggest problem when camping is wringing the water out enough for the washing to dry quickly. As we all know hand washing is a chore, but the hard part is the wringing. A lot of caravans have washing machines these days, but unless they are 12volt they’re of no use when you’re free camping without power.

Nevertheless, we girls are quite excited about this idea of using a salad spinner, even wondering how and where to fit a motor until El Prado asks about the chances of finding a pubic hair in his salad. Spoilsport!

Bung on the lid and away we go!

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