Foster & Toora

Feb 2021, South Gippsland, Vic

On the move again, we stop for a walk around Foster where the street gardens are not only blooming but sprouting tall, sweet corn. This town is the gateway to Wilson’s Promontory National Park and always seems to be buzzing. Along with the blooming streetscape there are murals depicting the town’s timber trade history. There’s a quirky pub and functional buildings, it is a town that always makes you feel good.

A short drive down the road is Toora where we stop for a bite of morning tea in a quaint coffee shop that straddles an old laneway that quite possibly was once used by horses and carriages, it now supports a bird’s nest high up in the ceiling. There’s a big old pub on the corner that puts on a good meal and the town owes its existence these days to the milk factory that was once a Victorian household name making milk products under the Tooralac name.

The late Bank of Victoria in Toora has certainly seen better days

Note: There used to be a secluded free camp beside the Franklin River between Foster and Toora but it has now been closed to overnighters. This is disappointing news as freedom campers tend to plough their accommodation savings back into the local community in gratitude. During our recent stay in Meeniyan it was estimated that our large group of caravans and motorhomes spent in excess of $2000 in the local businesses.


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