Charming Port Albert

Feb 2021, Port Albert, Vic

We’ve been here before parked up on the grass between the rows of boat trailer parks beside the boat ramp. Before we know it this rather unusual camp is full. It seems a lot of people are taking to the roads post Covid.

It’s a splendid spot with views across Corner Inlet to the islands and a strong wind doesn’t put us off a good ramble. Fishermen, boats and when the tide ebbs a couple of Royal Spoonbills stalk the shallows. Historic buildings front Wharf Street but the community gains little from our visit as there’s only the fish cafe and a maritime museum open. Both, I might add are exceptionally good.

The tiny town appears to be struggling with itself. There is quite a bit of building going on, new homes and rental accommodation because they have the attractions, historic buildings and a beautiful seaside setting but other than the very good fish cafe there are no shops and the pub burnt down a few years ago. If only they could encourage the basics, a couple of quirky cafes, an art gallery selling local work and a pub.

Source: Google Maps

We roast a stuffed chicken while Elle cooks vegies for a hearty dinner indoors out of the wind.

Westerly view of Corner Inlet from Port Albert across the mangrove flats, Mt Oberon on The Prom is the tiny bump in the distance


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