Up the Guts – The Final Plan

After much discussion and a long lunch (any excuse) the plan is agreed upon and finalised for our trip up the Stuart Highway to Darwin. We will make short 300km days (we’re not getting any younger) and steadily head through South Australia and north up the Stuart checking out a few of the interesting sights that one normally rushes past. The Prado’s will peel off at Tennant Creek for the East Coast, Toothless and his missus Madam Secretary will peel off at Katherine and head for Broome and Eighty Mile Beach, we’ll continue ever upwards to Darwin and Kakadu. The plan is for about 5200kms of travel in about 35 days or thereabouts. The excitement builds. We’ll work on our own return trip plan later. Much later.

up the guts plan
Source: Wikicamps Trip Planner

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