Charles Knife Gorge

May 2015

The Cape Range rises steeply behind the Western Australian town of Exmouth and the Charles Knife Road is steep, windy and rough but what a ride, especially on the way back down.

Wandering about we found a plugged oil well high up in the Cape Range which was the 2nd well ever drilled in WA. They later found viable oil offshore on Barrow Island and of course the rest is history.

Cape Range Road The Advertiser
Source: The Advertiser 13 Nov 1954

The road is flanked by two canyons with views out to the Indian Ocean.  By the time that we finished messing about the car needed a serious tub.

Cape Range
Capped oil well on Cape Range
Cape Range Map
Source: Google Maps

8 thoughts on “Charles Knife Gorge

  1. I dont think too many visitors to Exmouth take the time to drive up the range from the inland side. It’s very spectacular scenery and great history of oil exploration in Australia. Nice find too, that old well cap, we missed that!


      1. We really went for the Whaleshark swim and a look at Ningaloo. We were lucky to be camped next to a small group of people who wintered in Exmouth every year and had done so for 35 years! They were a wealth of information. Fell in love with the place and stayed 10 nights!


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