Finding gems on the Sapphire Coast

Mar 2019

This most recent trip took us through Gippsland, up the Sapphire Coast, across the Great Dividing Range to Canberra and back down the Hume Highway to Melbourne and home. Every trip has its surprises and this one was no exception. The highlights had to be watching a joey being taught to fight by his parent at Mimosa Rocks National Park and a tour of Government House. You can’t get more diverse than that.

For us it’s not a good trip unless there’s a stand out pub and the treat this time was the Whorouly Pub and Graham the friendly publican.

The Whorouly Recreation Reserve near Wangaratta was so good that we’re already planning a return. Genoa campground too was a standout, perfect as an overnighter or two just to enjoy the bellbirds and the forests of East Gippsland.

Talking about wildlife I doubt that we’ve stayed at a busier place than Gillards Beach at Mimosa Rocks near Tathra. It was a passing parade of kangaroos, wallabies, goannas and tiny tip toeing fairy wrens. In Gippsland the birdlife at Marlay Point on Lake Wellington was a joy to watch.

In all we were on the road for 24 days, (23 nights) we travelled 2670kms and for those who are interested our average nightly accommodation cost was $24.08 and the average daily fuel cost for the Jeep was $18.42.

Map Sapphire Coast
Map Source: WikiCamps Trip Planner
Evening at Whorouly, Vic and the end of a most pleasant trip.

4 thoughts on “Finding gems on the Sapphire Coast

    1. Ah, it depends on the season. For southerners like us there’s favourable weather in Feb & March, not too hot, less chance of fires and kids are back at school. We try to avoid school holidays wherever possible. In total we’re away half the year but it’s a complex and moveable calendar depending on whims.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip, and yes I was interested in the maths. That means you averaged about 112 kms a day. I know you stayed more than one night in lots of places, but I think that’d be about average for us on a trip that doesn’t have a long term destination as the goal.


    1. We tend to stay a little longer in places these days. There’s a park group on the east coast called Ingenia and they have a variety of weekly specials. We got 4 nights for$25 per night at both Wallaga Lake and Broulee.

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