A Winter Sojourn – In the beginning

My blog posts are rarely in chronological order, just snippets from our diaries. This time though I’ll take you through a winter trip, from the preparation and planning to the trip itself.

About a year ago on a freezing cold afternoon, around a warm fire our travelling mate VeeWee suggested that we should do the Red Centre again. What a jolly good idea. For us it meant another chance to visit Darwin as we’d missed it by a mere 300kms when I broke my ankle back in 2015. There were four vans and if we planned things carefully and arrived at camps early enough, we should be able to get parking spaces. Caravan Parks in places like Uluru and Alice Springs would need to be booked ahead on the way as our timing unfolded. The pace of travel in a caravan varies and we usually travel slightly faster than planned.

But I should explain myself a little more clearly for International readers. Our mate Toothless Johnno suggested the name for this trip, to my mind all caravan trips should have names and this one is as apt as one can get. Most Aussie caravanners nod sagely when you suggest that you’re going ‘up the guts’ and reply ‘oh we did that last year’ etc. In fact ‘up the guts’ refers to the Stuart Highway which runs from Port Augusta to Darwin, a north south highway running up the middle of Australia and roughly following in the footsteps (and camel prints) of intrepid Scottish explorer John McDowell Stuart who after several attempts successfully crossed the continent and returned to Adelaide in 1862. This route was used for the building of the Overland Telegraph line the first communications link to join Australia to the rest of the world. Thus, it’s pretty special and we’re getting awfully excited.

The humble campfire, where dreams are made

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