Changes in attitude, changes in latitude

Winter 2018

It’s easy to travel from cold to warmth, happily stripping down from jeans and jumpers to shorts and tee shirts, but after mooching about the tropics for nigh on three months we wonder how we’ll acclimatise to August the coldest month of winter in Melbourne.

But nature has its way when it’s time to go as not only do we count down (or is it up?) the latitudes but there are ranges to cross, higher altitudes, lower altitudes and inland regions with cold freezing nights and delightfully warm days. We cross from latitude 16˚S to latitude 37˚S, through umpteen climate zones. We climb from sea level to 1100 metres where apples and grapes both grow juicy in the cool climate. And at Applethorpe, Queensland’s coldest town at 936 metres the sign outside the State School proudly announces ‘Queensland’s Coolest School’.

A frosty morning at the showgrounds Stanthorpe, Qld

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