A Windy Coast

Eyre Peninsula, March 2018

Since Whyalla we’ve been lashed by strong winds and have rarely had a chance to put the awning out. Locks Well was calm until after sunset then strong winds buffeted the vans all bloody night. I had visions of our two rigs being blown off the cliffs and into the sea.

Thus, we set ourselves up at Streaky Bay and venture into town for a look around. We sit in the pub and remark on how nice it is to at last have no wind. However, when we return to the park it is blowing a gale once more. Our Vietnam Vet neighbour has 11 guy ropes holding his annexe in place so either this wind is normal or he’s showing off his army training. Woody gives more oyster shucking lessons and we hide in the games room to eat them out of the wind.

We decide to cook the fish cakes that we bought from the Fresh Fish Place in Port Lincoln and not wanting to stink the van out with fried fish I choose to cook them outside. Easier said than done. The wind is so strong that it blows the pans around in circles on the hot plate and I cannot put the spatulas down for fear of losing them. I doubt that our neighbours would want a couple of greasy utensils delivered by air freight. Despite the wind the fish cakes are delicious. Life isn’t as easy for the young folks in the camper trailer next door and they pack up and head for a motel.

Streaky Bay Hotel, SA

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