Being fire aware

In a country with a myriad of climate zones planning to avoid the worst of the weather can be difficult.

When we travel we try to avoid the coldest weather but sometimes that can be difficult when on our way home south through New South Wales and Victoria to Melbourne in late winter or early spring.

The thought of bushfires sends shivers down my spine. Last September while we were complaining of the icy temperatures that we were experiencing in Gippsland, friends were racing home to avoid bushfires on the NSW south coast, not all that far away from us. We also don’t want to be caught in the north during the wet (Cyclone) season when 300mm of rain in a day is not uncommon, let alone the cyclones themselves.

Travelling in summer in Victoria, NSW, SA and Tasmania is glorious but it means that one must be constantly aware of the likelihood and speed of bushfires. You can see it is a crazy balancing act.

After being camped in little more than a dry paddock for a week we come home to grass fires on the outskirts of the city. Welcome to Melbourne indeed!

4 thoughts on “Being fire aware

  1. You definitely have to keep one eye or ear on weather conditions when you’re travelling. As much as we like to get away from everything and tune out, you have to be savvy when it comes to the weather.


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