It’s a long way to the top, Day 19 – 1770

Day 19 Tuesday June 24th 2014 Maroochydore to 1770 It was warm last night and there is condensation on the windows. This morning is warm and sunny with wispy cloud. Tearfully, we say our goodbyes and hit the road yet again. The road across to the Bruce Highway is reminiscent of how all this region once looked. The valley is patch worked with cane fields and the hillsides are lush with rainforest. Towards Gympie we leave the rainforest behind for lightly treed grazing land.  At Gympie the river appears innocent but the Aldi and Woolworths stores happen to be built … Continue reading It’s a long way to the top, Day 19 – 1770

Follow the Sun, Day 24 – Escape route

Day 24, 6/8/2019 Tuesday 1770 sunny 24 It’s our last day here so having seen what we want to of the area we take it easy, chairs on the beach reading. It’s a hard life. Although the weather here has been good there has been a cool breeze so most of the time it’s been necessary to wear long sleeves or a jumper. Everyday at low tide a large sand bank dries on the opposite side of the creek. Fishermen paddle over in kayaks and do whatever it is fishermen do. I’m assuming that they pump worms but I’m probably … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 24 – Escape route

Follow the Sun, Day 21 Snoozing in 1770

Day 21, 3/8/2019 Saturday 1770, sunny 24 There’s a helluva commotion in 1770, they’re hosting the regional dragon boat races and we have front row seats. The manager drops by to tell us that Mona is still complaining, to the point of using foul language and by the way our new beach site will cost an extra $5 per day. Still in search of pineapple jam we drive 5km out of town to the Reef Caravan Park as they are holding a market. Alas we only find vegetables, soap and a talking parrot that is more polite than Mona. This … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 21 Snoozing in 1770