It’s a long way to the top, Day 20 – Chasing sunsets

Day 20 Wednesday June 25th 2014, Town of 1770

This is such a lovely spot that we book another night. We walk into town, there are boat yards and a chandlery fronting Round Hill Creek. This is where ferries take day trippers out to Lady Musgrave Island at the southernmost part of the Great Barrier Reef. Bright pink amphibious LARCs are available for the more adventurous. Manicured parklands and boardwalks hug the beach and coconut palms overhang the sand. The town has no shops but there is a beachcomber type pub that advertises sunset views. Further on there is a caravan park on the beach and houses on stilts climb the steep hillside. There is a lookout on the point in honour of Joseph Banks.

LARC’s ready for a lark on Lady Musgrave Island

We drive to Agnes Water which provides the services for the area. Sadly, it doesn’t have the appeal of 1770 and is undergoing rapid development.

Behind our park there is a track leading to the almost deserted wide expanse of ocean beach. At sunset we take the 1770 Hotel up on its invitation and have a drink in the open-air bar facing the beach. There is a beautiful sun set and the ambiance is priceless. The view could be anywhere in the South Pacific.  

Travelling Kms: 0 2020 Note: We returned to 1770 in 2019 where I spectacularly broke a rib outside the pub (stunning sunsets can do that to you). Agnes Water has indeed grown and is now a much larger town.

1770 Hotel, quirky with just the right amount of troppo and a great sunset
Sunset over Round Hill Creek, 1770

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