Follow the Sun, Day 21 Snoozing in 1770

Day 21, 3/8/2019 Saturday 1770, sunny 24

There’s a helluva commotion in 1770, they’re hosting the regional dragon boat races and we have front row seats. The manager drops by to tell us that Mona is still complaining, to the point of using foul language and by the way our new beach site will cost an extra $5 per day.

Still in search of pineapple jam we drive 5km out of town to the Reef Caravan Park as they are holding a market. Alas we only find vegetables, soap and a talking parrot that is more polite than Mona.

This time we drive the residential streets on Round Hill behind the supermarket. Now this is where the locals live and boy, do they have stunning ocean views. Two and three storey homes of both modern and classic Queenslander styles cling to steep streets.

Sweeping views from Round Hill

Returning to camp we sit on our patch of sand in the shade of our tree, reading and watching the passing parade of kids, dogs, SUPs, canoeists, boats, the tide and fishermen closely followed by wily pelicans. Yes, there’s plenty to occupy your average beach snoozer.

Pelicans waiting for a free feed
Low tide on Round Hill Creek


Summary 0kms, power, water, showers, toilets, Accom $48 and a receding tide.

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