Follow the Sun, Day 22 – Exploring 1770

Day 22 4/8/2019 Sunday 1770 breezy 24

Another sunny morning but a little too chilly for breakfast al fresco. We take a quick trip into Agnes Waters for supplies and have another scout around the area. Woody says we must space out our daily explorations as it would be too easy to do everything in one day. The Pavilions at 1770 resort seems to be the best and largest here and certainly the most appealing. There are several hundred apartments with ocean views.

Anyone up for a lark in a LARC?

At the marina large fish can be seen swimming under the pontoons. A pair of pink amphibious LARCs await passengers and a bitzer dog sun bakes on its back in the doorway of the surf shop, wagging its tail and inviting a tummy tickle.

Free tummy tickles with every purchase

We drive out to Bustard Bay lookout on the point beyond our camp ground and find another piece of prime real estate for local residents where multi storey homes have unbeatable views of the ocean and estuary.

View from Bustard Lookout

After lunch we dare to walk the boardwalk (where I tripped in the dark only a few days ago) to the pub for a quiet drink in the sun while watching the boats and tourists.

Safely returning before dark we find that our neighbours are having fridge problems. At least it’s not us for a change. Their fridge is fine on gas but won’t work on power. We cook up a few bowls of spaghetti and settle in to watch a dreadful movie while the tide laps just a few millimetres lower than last night.

 Summary 0kms, power, water, showers, toilets, Accom $48

5 thoughts on “Follow the Sun, Day 22 – Exploring 1770

    1. Something about backwoods America, drugs and despair that we found in the El Cheapo bin at the video shop. Sorry, I’m not reaching up to the world’s longest cupboard to find it amongst a dozen other old videos as the ‘pub squash’ shoulder is still playing up. 😉

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