Follow the Sun, Day 24 – Escape route

Day 24, 6/8/2019 Tuesday 1770 sunny 24

It’s our last day here so having seen what we want to of the area we take it easy, chairs on the beach reading. It’s a hard life. Although the weather here has been good there has been a cool breeze so most of the time it’s been necessary to wear long sleeves or a jumper.

Everyday at low tide a large sand bank dries on the opposite side of the creek. Fishermen paddle over in kayaks and do whatever it is fishermen do. I’m assuming that they pump worms but I’m probably wrong. Fishermen and Freemasons are a mystery to me. Anyway back to the sand bank, the pink amphibious LARCs are having a great old time shooting out of the water onto the sand then revving the old beasts up and diving back into the water. It looks like fun.


A pod of dolphins swim into the creek and one woman is quick to get into the water. She didn’t get very close to them but I’ll bet she’ll be ticking ‘swimming with dolphins’ off her bucket list now.

About to swim with dolphins

We cook Spanish Mackerel for dinner then haul in the awning and pack up our outside gear for tomorrow’s escape.

A beachy evening at 1770
Sunset on Round Hill Creek 1770, Qld

 Summary 0kms, power, water, showers, toilets, Accom $48, dolphins

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